We Work Hard to promote a healthy lifestyle to those that live a busy life.

We believe success is possible through daily choices that add up over time. That’s why we built a premium breakfast food company even though we are in a very competitive industry. We started without a clue, just a desire to eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast that is fast and delicious. Covered in protein powder, set back by dozens of rookie mistakes, we kept trying, kept leaning into the learning. Sow n Oats is the result. But we’re still on the same path, still striving to make surprising flavors that delight and nourish you every morning.


     I’m Shorlina. I’m sure many of you like myself find it increasingly hard to make healthy choices while balancing your work and home lives. Born and raised in St. Lucia, my family decided to move to the United States when I was 12 years old to chase the “American Dream”. Working long hours on weekly basis makes it difficult to find on-the-go healthy alternatives to start my day. I find that our personal and professional productivity, and physical and mental well-being gives us the edge we need to accomplish our goals. That is why I am passionate about my “easy breakfast” make-it-yourself overnight oats. I believe the best mornings start while you sleep!  Eating a well-balanced healthy breakfast does not need to come with time sacrificial and that is why I am excited for you to try my easy solution to busy mornings with sow-n-oats.

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